jeudi 2 décembre 2010

Smoking man!

SmokeMen! from Sébastien Launay on Vimeo.

Creating a fast render smoke effect from animated geometry

Today my goal was to create a smoke/fluid effect who can be integrated in an existing pipeline without having to recreate animation or creating too many modifications.

The base used to this is the plug-in FumeFx 

This solution have some nice feature for me :

-The system could be duplicated and adapted without problems
-It uses scene lights without any modifications to make on them.
-Fast rendering time, for example animation, the average time was 3 seconds by frames on a Q6600 with 8Go of ram for 640*480 outputs.
 -Using the new wavelet turbulence feature of fumeFx witch allow me to make preview/master simulations before the high definition one.